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Hamraaz App - How to use and Hamraz Login Personal Dashboard.

Hamraaz login

 What is Hamraaz App

The Hamraaz app is developed and managed by the Indian army to help their solder to communicate effectively. It was launched in 2017 and it has been playing an important role in helping the serving soldiers to know details about their schedules and more. Here we will let you know how you can use it and download on your android phones as well.

Hamraaz App?

Developed and launched in august 2017 by the Indian army primally focused on he let the Jawans of the Indian army now the latest happing about their transfer as well as their promotions. This app helps Indian solder to generate their salary slip and Form 16 and allow them to download them as well. It also has great use for junior commissioned officers and other personnel.


The interface of the app is top-notch and quite attractive as well it’s easy to use and each and every option is displayed separately. Option like

Complain Darj Karen
Complaint Status Check
Form 16
Family details
My Profile
Contact us/ Inbox
Order Details
Change Subscription
And many more options to make it easy and accessible for every soldier.

Highlighted Features:

Easy to use
Income Slip
Information regarding Promotions and other details

Few Advantages of the Hamraaz App:

First of all, you can access your playslip with a single click to get to know about new jobs and promotions you can also get a policy for yourself through the hamraaz web. You can change your subscription with this app as well. You can get Updates about the Complaint you have filed download your form 16 and checking your family details as well on a single app Hamraaz app from wherever you are as long you have an internet connection and a compatible android mobile phone.


To keep all the private information perfectly secured great deal of effort has been done and the applicant verification has been done with the Aadhaar details. And to use the Hamraaz app the Soldier needs to have the latest mobile number linked because the OTP will be sent to his mobile for verification and it will also be linked with the Army database over the National Information Centre cloud. And there is also a captcha option which one has to solve during the signup process.

How and where to Download Hamraaz App From?

Just visit the official website of the Indian ministry the link is given below in the article
There you have to download the APK file for installing the file you have to grant permission from your device to be able to install that app on your android mobile and make sure your device is compatible with it.
Once the download is done, go to downloads by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner then tap on it.
Now, click on “Install” for the app to start installing on your Smartphone device.

Hamraaz Signup:

To sign up in Hamraaz open the app two options will Appear Sign/Signup
Click on signup and then enter your PAN number and password.
Then you have to verify by selecting either of two options Email/Mobile
An OTP will be sent to the selected method enter it
Finally, you have to select your security method and enter the new password and you’re ready to go.

Hamraaz login:

As for Sign in you just have to click on Sign in
Enter your PAN Number and Password and done.
Procedure for Hamraaz personal login.

Latest Updates:

To make the app more smooth and error-free the team behind the Hamraaz App works continuously and updates it on a regular basis while solving the issue the user is facing and the user can download the latest versions by visiting the official site.

Is it Available for iPhone users?

For now, there is no version for iPhone users currently but the development is in the process it might soon be available for iPhone users as well to help them solve their daily issues without any worries and hassle.

Password Issue:

Getting a password is a common issue and many aces this problem while using different social media sites like another site Hamraaz App also have a password recovery option I can lose it or forget it.

All you have to do the follow the given step to recover your password:

First, go to the official website or open the app.

Then click on forget password option on any of the given platforms (PC/Mobile)

Now enter the Pan Card Number in all Capital.

Then solve the captcha and enter the given number and click on submit Button.

After the processes, a new page will open where you have to enter the new password which you will see from now onward.

Just by following these easy steps you can recover or change it to a new password.


Hamraaz App also has a help line for costumer in case you face any issue related to the app you can contact them through helpline no 9560641424 and email humraazmp8@gmail.com so feel free to use and contact Customer care in case of any issue.


Hamraaz App Download

It is quite easy to download the Hamraaz app all you have to do is visit the official site and download the latest version of the app on your android mobile phone.

Hamraaz App Latest Version:

The latest version of the Humraaz app is available on the Official site If you are facing some issues using the app try updating it might solve your problem.

Official website:

The official website address is humraazmp8.gov.in.

Can Civilian use this App?

No, this app is solely for the soldier to make their life hassle free a normal civilian cannot use the Hamraaz app.

How to Obtain Payslip:

Just login into your account click on the payslip option enter your related data and generate your payslip in just a few simple steps.

Latest Version:

The latest version Available of the Hamraaz App is v7.2.

How do I open the Hamraaz app?

If you are an Android user and want to download the Hamraaz app then you can visit its official website hamraazmp8.gov.in and download the app.

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